Slot Machine Fight at the Red Cap Inn

A Review of the Online Slot Game “Brawl at the Red Cap Inn”

While we don’t condone violence in any form, a good old-fashioned cowboy battle on TV is always a thrill. Or drop it in a hole, whatever comes first. What Yggdrasil has been cooking up as of late is fantastic if you enjoy western and medieval fantasy.

The new slot Brawl at the Red Cap Inn from the well-known Maltese company successfully combines two seemingly incongruous themes. Together, they form a novel slot game with two reels and 100 paylines that functions rather effectively.

Yes, you read that correctly. Two sets of five reels and a total of 100 lines (50 on each side) make up the Brawl at the Red Cap Inn slot machine. You shouldn’t miss this incredibly volatile slot, which has all the hallmarks of a superb Yggdrasil offering, at any of our brand-new online casinos.

Slot Configuration for the Red Cap Brawl

Turn on the slot machine and go inside the Red Cap Inn to notice that it’s not like any other slot game you’ve played before. It contains two separate sets of reels, each with 50 different ways to win. Both seem similar and have similar symbols, yet each has its own purpose.

The slot is situated in a made-up medieval fantasy inn. You can probably guess the tone from the name: enraged combatants, clinking beer steins, and bloody head wounds. The slot machine offers the same high-quality visuals and sound design that players have come to expect from Yggdrasil.

The Brawl at the Red Cap Inn slot machine is deceptively simple despite first appearances. As could be anticipated from a slot machine with two sets of 5×4 reels, the game is spiced up with cloned symbols that can fall on both reels and, of course, pay double the money.

Slot Machine: Battle of the Red Cap Inn (Now Available on Mobile)

The slot, like other Yggdrasil products, is built in HTML5 and is thus mobile-friendly. Launch it in your browser to experience double the reel action.

Playing the Slot Machine, “Battle at the Red Cap Inn”

You have to claim a room at the Red Cap before you can begin playing. Per-turn costs can range from $0.20 up to $60. Pick the finest option for you, and let the good times roll!

Slot machine play is quite similar to playing two games concurrently. It’s highly lucrative, even in its most basic form, with 100 possible paylines. With multipliers going as high as x5, getting two sets of five of a kind can result in massive prizes. The slot machine’s highest-paying symbol is the Wild, and it also serves a pivotal purpose in the game overall.

When it does, it can create copies of itself on the opposite reels at the identical positions. This fantastic function, known as Wild Swap, has the potential to provide miraculous returns. Wild symbols come with x5 multipliers, and when you change out a couple, you may rack up some serious coin.

Battle for the Free Spins Bonus at the Red Cap Inn Slot Machine

If you get five or more Scatters on each set of reels, you’ll trigger Hell Wild’s free spins bonus. Ten first spins are awarded free of charge with the Wild Swap function enabled. This time around, though, the wilds stick, increasing the player’s chances of winning at the slot machine.

With 5 or more scatters, you’ll be sent back to the bonus round and awarded more free spins. That’s a one-and-done deal, so your 20 free games maxes out after that.

Return to Player and Top Payout for “Brawl at the Red Cap Inn” Slot

Brawl at the Red Cap Inn is a slot machine game with a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.02%. The maximum payout in this extremely risky slot machine is 10,000 times your initial bet.

Slot Verdict in the Red Cap Inn Brawl

Brawl at the Red Cap Inn is a cutting-edge online slot game, and that’s something Yggdrasil has always been known for. It’s a slot machine, and it plays like one, but it has two sets of reels, which makes it more interesting.

This is a fight you don’t want to miss at any of our recommended online casinos, since Wild symbols may replicate from one reel to another, and there are multipliers and free spins to be won as well.






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