December 11, 2015

What we do

We throw pennies away everyday. We throw them on the ground, in the car, in our purses. Why not throw them in a jar and save them to help warm local families.  We have collection jars located at local businesses throughout Stafford Springs CT.  The money we collect in those jars, not just pennies, then goes to help a local Stafford Springs or Willington resident who is in need of heating assistance.  This assistance could be oil, pellets, wood, coal, or propane. 

Ever since Warming Families Makes Cents started we have been able to help more and more residents every year.  We would like to keep up that momentum with your support.  Thank you for visiting our website and please consider donating your spare change when you see one of our collection jars in town.

We service Stafford and Willington, CT

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